Forget the Resolutions – PROMISE

clock strikes twelveThe time has come once again for New Year’s resolutions.
This year I PROMISE to get myself in better shape
by toning up my spiritual muscles and adopting a healthier attitude.

  I will pray: when everything is going wrong, for patience and courage; when something goes right, in thanksgiving; when everything is hectic and confused, clarity and peace; when someone has hurt me I will pray for them; when someone has misunderstood me, I will pray for them; when someone is sick in body, mind or spirit, I will pray for them; when someone asks for my prayers I will pray for them; when there’s no special reason to pray, I will pray anyway.

I will remember: to tell people I love them – everyday; that I have many blessings and that I must not ever take them for granted; that God loves me, even if it doesn’t always feel that way; that all those around me are gifts from God, and I must treat them that way; to be grateful for everything I have and not worry about what I don’t have.

I will be open:  to the needs of the poor; to those who need my time; to accepting God’s will for me; to new ideas; to compromise; to admitting I was wrong; to praise as well as criticism; to sharing my gifts and talents with those who need them; to the enthusiasm of the young; to the wisdom of the old.

Every moment of every day: is precious and I will use each one to the best of my ability and try not to waste any of them; is a gift to be shared with others as my gift back to God; is never guaranteed to have another one follow it, so I will live each moment as if it is my last; is gone in the blink of an eye and will never be repeated, so I will strive to always be in the present moment.

I will: invite those around me to share my joy in Christ; invest my time and treasure in worthy endeavors to help those in need; find inspiration and wonder in the small miracles that are all around me; become more involved in my community; allow the light of Christ to come into my heart so that I can radiate the warmth of his love to those that I meet.

I will seek: the face of Christ in every person I meet; the heart of Christ in every situation; the mind of Christ in every conversation and encounter; the hands of Christ in every hand that reaches out to me; the feet of Christ in every path; the light of Christ in every darkness.

I will be aware that whether I am on the street, at my home, at a meeting, in Church, in the parking lot, in the grocery store, in a line, in the restroom, in my office, on the phone, in the car, but especially online: that I am a child of God and I belong to him; that my words are read and my actions are seen by people who know that I profess to be a Christian; that kindness, patience and truth always trump anger, accusations, half-truths and lies; that I can do more harm by one unkind word than I ever could with a stick; that everything I do and everything I say must be done for the glory of God each day.


About jkelly

I am a Church Lady - a catholic musican, organist, composer, arranger and liturgist all my life. I've held the position as full time director of liturgy for 40 years and consider myself to be an unconsecrated religious; which means that I keep pretty much the same hours as the priests, but I get to go out with my spouse from time to time.
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  1. Love it! Great resolution….I’m a sucker for acronyms 🙂

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