I guess I was born and bred to be a church lady.  My mother was a church lady for 30 years and I was raised to think of a rectory as a second home.  So it wasn’t a great surprise when I ended up working for the church in music ministry.  At the age of 13 I found myself responsible for all the music of my home parish and I’ve been doing it ever since – except for a couple years as a hippie queen trying to “find herself.”  I found myself in the Catholic Church and have been happy ever since…broke, but happy.

The church has been central to my life.  I never think of a calendar as Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall but Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and (my favorite) Ordinary Time when you can kick back a bit.  The church has been central to my marriage to a man that will eventually become a saint because he’s put up with living with a church lady all these years.

Presently I am the Director of Worship for our parish, a composer of choral music and recordings for meditations, as well as Director for Electronic Evangelization which covers everything from eNewsletters to Facebook and Twitter and beyond.


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