Supply and Demand

baby feetI knew it wouldn’t take very long before the “spin”sters at Planned Parenthood would craft their talking points and rush them out to the chattering journalists and talking heads at the various um…unbiased media outlets to manducate, conversate and opinionate.   After two rather damning videos surfaced with pretty clear video and audio recordings starring medical administrators for the organization discussing the distribution of aborted body parts over a lovely salad and merlot they had to go into overtime for damage control.  Hence, this morning’s New York Time’s Opinion, The Campaign of Deception Against Planned Parenthood.”  

Caught literally red-handed, PP decided to go with the same verbal tricks of the trade that has always worked for them in the past when they’ve needed to change the conversation:

1. Turn it around and blame the other guy.  Those evil pro-lifers, excuse me, anti-choicers who have such blackness in their hearts as to use deception and video smoke and mirrors to try to take down this noble organization who is only trying to make life better for womankind – indeed, all humanity by their generous donation program that sends usable “tissue” for research that could one day save lives and cure HIV and Parkinsons and who knows what?
2. It’s not what you think.  Sure it sounds like she said what you think she said, but that’s not what she really said.  We would never do anything so nefarious as to put a price tag on the body parts – we only get money for shipping and handling. Yes, she said hearts, livers, lungs, brains – but it’s really just tissue, not real working parts of a real living human.
3. It’s legal, so it’s a right.  And in America it’s clearly an affront to all we hold sacred and dear to interfere with someone’s rights, right?  Anyone who interferes with a right is clearly in the wrong, even if that right means death for someone who has no rights because they are a non-person, a clump of cells, a human shaped bag of tissues.
4. It’s clearly an attempt to harm women.  Those right wing religious bastards are such zealots that they would rather kill a woman than a fetus.  They want to force a young child to carry a baby to term.  They do nothing to support her once she has the child.  They want to punish her for having sex. They want to come between a woman and her doctor. They are against women’s health care.  They want to keep women in the dark ages. They want to force their religious views on the rest of us.   Did I miss anything?
5. Most Americans support it.  Really?  Is that why Planned Parenthood has gone into Defcon 1?

It’s true that a majority of Americans do support abortion.  They support the termination of a tiny blob of “tissue” that is ooky and gross.  As long as they can think of the abortee as clumps of cells and tissue that bear no resemblance to a human infant they can stomach it, even if they don’t like it.  But in truth, they get a bit more squeamish when they are forced to think of the destruction of a viable human infant.  This is why the argument strains to focus on all the good done by donating tissue for medical research.  Hey, it was going to be terminated anyway, might as well get some good use out of it.  This is why the notorious evil done by Doctor Kermit Gosnell was downplayed and ignored as much as possible, even though he was convicted of murdering several infants and a woman.  If he had only killed infants and not a woman would we have heard about him at all?  This is why abortion providers rally their troops to help redirect our attention from the real questions.

If they manipulate through ultrasound the way the fetus is positioned so that they are better able to do their work without damaging the parts they want to keep, then the fetus in question is large enough that it could be viable.  The heart has been beating for some time by now, pumping its blood to the other parts of the body so that those cells will receive the nourishment they need to grow.  The liver and kidneys have been functioning since the third month, filtering blood and waste.  Even though it is still in development, the brain has been doing the basic work of a brain – telling the other organs what to do, allowing the developing child to move and see light and hear sounds.  And if all of these other organs are working it is only reasonable to assume that the nerve endings are also working, and crushing here and down there will inflict horrible pain and suffering before death.

But they don’t want us to think about that.  They don’t want us to take another look at what happens behind the closed doors to see if maybe, just maybe, this organization that purports itself to be noble, pure and honorable in its intentions and purpose has a bloody little secret that’s been let out of the bag.


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